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Born in *‘99*

Kind of different

What do you need? Design? Build a digital product? Hosting in the cloud? Maintenance? Ideation sessions? Something else? Whatever it is, you can do it all under one roof. Our roof. We’re a digital one-stop shop.

Our way of working isn’t about one thing, it’s a whole bunch of things. That’s what makes us unique. Like a dedicated development team, working with familiar faces to build long-term relationships. Tailored hackathons and lab days, specially developed for and with each individual client.

Sharing is caring. It’s one of the most powerful (and pleasurable) ways to make a real difference. We share ideas and knowledge, both internally and externally. With colleagues, with clients, with prospects and basically, with anyone who’s interested.

We are open and think organically. The proof of that is in the number of ideas that have become successful independent businesses and ventures. PicYourMoment is just one good example of this.

The Harborn DNA

Growing together

Because it's much harder to transform the world alone.

Always open for business

Exploring ideas, creating opportunities and building ventures.

Innovating tech

Advancing future technology through a responsible results-driven approach.


Always striving to get the very best outcome possible.

Life according to Harborn

For us, life starts at home. Family and friends first. We like to have this homely feeling at work too, where colleagues and customers always feel welcome. Only by being the best place to work can we get the best out of ourselves. Grow, work hard and have a lot of fun. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

If you’re wondering about sustainability and our CO2 footprint, you can stop wondering. Being a family-oriented company means that, just like you, we’re always thinking about the future for our children. We encourage everyone to use public transport and, when that’s not possible, the park and ride on the outskirts of the city. Every little bit helps.

Harborn life