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Impactful partnerships

Partnership makes a difference. We can do a lot. However, we can do so much more with partners. That includes developing our network, but also contributing to foundations, charities and worthwhile causes.

Mind Foundation

MIND is the authority on mental health in the Netherlands. Standing for better treatment, support, understanding and respect in society. MIND is for everyone dealing with mental health problems. Young and old, children and parents, patients and their loved ones, with both minor and serious issues. MIND offers information, advice and support, online or by phone. So that no one has to cope alone. Harborn is the digital partner of the MIND Foundation, responsible for all their online platforms. We see it as our responsibility, to consciously deal with the impact of social and digital media on people's well-being.

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Rotterdam Topsport

Rotterdam Topsport is the facilitator and organiser of top-class sports events. Supporting the sports programmes of TeamNL, as well as top-level sports clubs and talent centres. Increasing the medal opportunities for Rotterdam athletes and strengthening the image of the city. Harborn has been working with Rotterdam Topsport as a digital agency and partner for over 15 years. It’s the mindset and perseverance of top athletes that we recognise and identify with. Every day, a little better. Every day, an extra step. Every day, the maximum result. Our director, Jeroen, accompanied a top athlete for a day, you can enjoy the film here.

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Harborn is part of the iTanks network, the knowledge and innovation platform for the Rotterdam port-related industry. It’s an industry with huge innovation potential. iTanks connects companies, knowledge institutes and industry experts, introducing them to new technology and the latest innovations from inside and outside the sector. iTanks has a number of smart services, such as an online community, a mobile community app and various websites. Harborn is involved in the digital innovation of iTanks and has been active as a network partner since 2020.

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Harborn is a member of the employers’ federation, VNO/NCW. They look after the interests of more than 185,000 members. Companies from all sectors and all sizes. Large multinationals and SME entrepreneurs, family businesses and directors, as well as starters and self-employed people. In total, VNO/NCW represent about 90 percent of private employment in the Netherlands. They also make themselves heard in national and local politics, public administration and other social organisations.

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