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From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur - #1 Marko van Es and Aqua Events


17 November 2022
8 min read

Top performance on the water, to make the impossible possible

Entrepreneurship lesson #1. As a pioneering entrepeneur, you are (almost) always screwed

Tv en film.jpeg

Entrepreneurship lesson #2. Solving problems for customers makes you valuable

Man in yellow wetsuit free diving in ice water

Entrepreneurship lesson #3. If you really believe in it, don't hesitate to change your plans

Geared up man standing on water with his back to the camera during the Volvo ocean race
Scherm met route van de Red Bull Air race in Abu Dhabi 2010

Entrepreneurship lesson #4. Honesty is the best policy

Harbour filled with boats around the floating city for Formula 1. In Monaco, by Aqua events

Entrepreneurship lesson #5. You're never too small to think big



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