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Harborn is jam-packed with digital professionals who love to share their knowledge, while working on many different projects at the same time. This unstoppable enthusiasm for innovation and digital growth has resulted in seven services, that we believe will bring your business to the next level. Are you ready to explore?

Strategy & Ideation

(the Garage)

A full portfolio of workshops and sprints, specially designed to boost (technical) innovation. Tackling your most critical business issues, impacting your operations, customer experience and/or product offering.

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UX & Design

Combining our digital expertise with that of our client(s) to create memorable customer experiences, tailored to the users and their needs.

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Mastering complexity to bring a smart idea or stunning digital experience to life. That’s the beauty of our specialism in development/engineering.

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Data engineering

In the world of big data, good data engineering and management allows you to maximize the value of data.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing at Harborn goes beyond just delivering a website. We focus on the entire digital customer journey. Based on business goals, target audiences, and competition, we provide advice on how to reach, convert, and retain the ideal customer in an effective manner.

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Cloud & DevOps

From cloud development, hosting and operations to OPS solutions for monitoring and resource management. We make sure your business runs smoothly. All day and every day.

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Venture building

Partnership 2.0 helps you boost your business. Spotting new opportunities, offering entrepreneurial coaching, reinventing products, optimizing your business model and funding your venture.

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Emerging tech

Innovation will keep you ahead of competitors. It can also make or break your future. Leave nothing to chance, use our Tech Radar.

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