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Data engineering

In the world of big data, good data engineering and management allows you to maximize the value of data.

Valuable data starts with good data engineering

Data is a hot topic, no doubt about that. It’s a valuable source of information for your business, but not always easy to access. At Harborn we are masters of unlocking (and securing!) your data so you can use it to its full potential. Sounds good, right?

Our way of working

Our data engineers focus on managing your data, but also find it extremely important to think outside the box when it comes to solving your business challenges. From analysis, design, implementation, visualization and governance, they’ve got your back. Because being smart with data doesn’t stop at storing it.


Business intelligence

Do you want to become a data-driven organization? Business Intelligence (BI) is key to making that transformation and our data scientists can help you with it. This tech infrastructure is set in place to collect, store and analyze your data in order for you to be in control 24/7 via (custom) visualization software, your existing BI tooling or a live dashboard. Want to know more about working together with our data experts? Ferinando is your guy (or well, our guy).

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