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Migrating your data – to the cloud, for example – can be a costly and time-consuming process. We know, because we already have a lot of experience migrating large amounts of data. Even though it takes a while, it also opens up new opportunities to apply improvements or do some cleaning, cataloguing and even enrichments. With all that migrating data, it’s important to categorize it and make sure it is always accessible within a database, data warehouse or data lake. Therefore we deploy AWS lake formation. This way your data is organized as a data mesh to support your business needs. Because clear and organized data means clear and organized insights that support your data-driven business decisions.


Business intelligence

Do you want to become a data-driven organization? Business Intelligence (BI) is key to making that transformation and our data scientists can help you with it. This tech infrastructure is set in place to collect, store and analyze your data in order for you to be in control 24/7 via (custom) visualization software, your existing BI tooling or a live dashboard. Want to know more about working together with our data experts? Ferinando is your guy (or well, our guy).

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