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Data privacy and security

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You and your company’s data is valuable, but not only for you. That’s why you want to have full control over it, keeping it in the right hands. Being compliant with data privacy is therefore of utmost importance, and only accomplished by good data security that controls how your data is being collected, shared and used. This way we put you in control, not only so you can comply with GDPR regulations but also to give you the opportunity to maximize the use of your data. Making data-driven decisions was never this easy.

To ensure the best data security, we believe in transparency and intelligence. Therefore we deploy anonymization techniques such as AWS Macie. We also leverage the power of cloud computing to guarantee high availability, integrity, security and traceability all through centrally managed policies.


Business intelligence

Do you want to become a data-driven organization? Business Intelligence (BI) is key to making that transformation and our data scientists can help you with it. This tech infrastructure is set in place to collect, store and analyze your data in order for you to be in control 24/7 via (custom) visualization software, your existing BI tooling or a live dashboard. Want to know more about working together with our data experts? Ferinando is your guy (or well, our guy).

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