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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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Data in itself is just data. Data science, on the other hand, is the art of creating additional value from data. With techniques such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence we can use this data to create models that predict customer behavior and/or enable highly efficient automation.

At Harborn we get excited about these types of innovations and try to effectively implement them into the digital solutions we create. Of course, only when it fits your organization’s strategy and when it’s the perfect answer to your problem(s). Curious how we determine if a certain emerging technology is ready to be implemented yet? Read all about our Tech Radar here.

Ok, let’s get back to Artificial Intelligence. To be able to process and predict customer needs we use the Python programming language with (open source) Machine Learning libraries. This enables us to deploy, for example, Natural Language Processing in order to transform free text emails into reservations on the hotel booking platform ‘Please ask M’. And that’s just the beginning, because whether it’s NLP, AI-driven personalization or robotic process automation, we are on it and definitely ready for it!


Business intelligence

Do you want to become a data-driven organization? Business Intelligence (BI) is key to making that transformation and our data scientists can help you with it. This tech infrastructure is set in place to collect, store and analyze your data in order for you to be in control 24/7 via (custom) visualization software, your existing BI tooling or a live dashboard. Want to know more about working together with our data experts? Ferinando is your guy (or well, our guy).

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