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Mastering complexity to bring a smart idea or stunning digital experience to life. That’s the beauty of our specialism in development/engineering.

Engineering future-proof solutions today

Mastering complexity to bring a smart idea or stunning digital experience to life: that’s where our specialism in development and engineering comes in. Everyday our developers and engineers are focused on developing solutions that bring companies and their processes to the next level, by working together in an agile manner.

Our way of working
At Harborn we have an agile mindset, which means we can adapt ourselves to rapidly changing environments. We use the lightweight framework scrum to facilitate our agility by working with short iterations of 2 weeks with a (partial) product as a result. Depending on the requirements of a particular project, specific experts join the team. They could include front- and backend development specialists, a UX-expert or a Cloud professional, amongst others. Whoever is needed, we’ve got the best people available and combine them in one end-to-end team. This means that we continuously provide service to you at every phase of your journey, from the start of the project until the very end (and even after that!). Of course the team wouldn’t be complete without our client and their experts joining in. Because only together can we achieve the unachievable.


Got an ‘aha’ moment while reading about our development skills?

We’d love to hear all about it to discover how we can turn your ‘aha’ into a ‘hell yeah’! Luckily, Harm-Jan is always in the mood for a good chat about the possibilities.

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