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We bet your smartphone is in your hand right now or at least within 1 foot of where you are. Are we right? It was quite a sure bet, as it’s the device we usually keep closest and use multiple times throughout the day. Being present on your target audience’s device can therefore be extremely valuable, through a mobile app or webapp for example.

When looking at a mobile app or webapp, they can be an extension to an existing product or service to better serve your customers and even reach new ones. Besides that, they are also perfect for optimizing core business processes because information can easily be accessed at any point and at any time. To make sure that your mobile app or webapp is built for the long run (and is not deleted again as fast as it was installed) we have experienced mobile app developers who are always eager to stay ahead of the game. They are skilled at using the latest developments like Android’s Architecture Components, Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI, ARKit and Flutter, and have experience in developing widely used mobile apps for Rabobank, MoneYou and ING, among others. Of course all are compatible with iOS and Android: ready to score high ratings in both app stores.

Next to staying on top of trends, we continuously challenge ourselves to think beyond the ‘usual suspects’ in development. Like what, you ask? Well, like incorporating the famous ‘swiping’ mechanism in the Eindhoven Doet’s mobile app ‘Jij doet 040’ to match volunteers to specific volunteering opportunities in and around the city of Eindhoven. Curious about how this mobile app looks and the impressive results we managed to achieve? Check the case study here.


Got an ‘aha’ moment while reading about our development skills?

We’d love to hear all about it to discover how we can turn your ‘aha’ into a ‘hell yeah’! Luckily, Harm-Jan is always in the mood for a good chat about the possibilities.

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