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Do you spend your valuable hours creating content for your social media or website, only to find it makes no impression on your target audience? Unfortunately, this is often the scenario for entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their online presence.

If you are looking for a long-term approach, a content strategy is the way to go. Writing from what seems interesting to you might work well, but how do you make sure you're focusing on the right things? A content strategy connects your business goals with the interests of your target audience. Depending on what you want to achieve, a long-term plan is developed. Think, for example, of which channels you will use and the type of content that will be shared on them. This ensures that your customer experiences the ideal customer journey, from introduction to retention.

What is a content strategy?

A content strategy helps you map out all the important aspects. These include your company's KPIs, but certainly also the ideal target audience. We compile these into a report in which you can see what to focus on in each phase of the customer journey. You can then respond to this with your content plan. All content that you or your colleagues create has the same end goal. Thus, the message you convey is always aligned. Because you always have your ideal target audience in mind, potential customers will feel addressed.

Why a content strategy?

Presence on online channels contributes to both brand positioning, brand awareness, and trust building. And that is important to convince a target group to actually choose you. They will not only be fans of your products and services but also of your company as a whole.

However, attracting customers is not the only goal a good content strategy can contribute to. For many, strengthening the employer's position is also an important part. With employer branding, you attract talented new employees and work on conveying the brand personality.

What is the content strategy based on?

Our strategies are tailor-made and fully aligned with the unique needs of your business. We look together at your target audience and your business goals, so we achieve a result that really helps you further. We analyze the market and competition, identify which channels are effective for spreading your message, and develop as a final result a strategy that responds to all the mentioned factors.

Implementation of the strategy

You can then implement the strategy in the way that suits you best. Of course, you can do it all yourself, but we would like to give you a kickstart by giving an interactive workshop in which we share our knowledge and experience. It is also possible to outsource content creation for your social media or website to the Digital Marketing team.

A creative brainstorming session with colorful sticky notes and icons on a whiteboard, showcasing creating a content strategy in digital marketing.

Optimizing your digital customer journey?

Harborn's Digital Marketing gladly gives you advice. Together we look at the most optimal solution to position your company online. Floris can tell you all about it!