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Emerging tech

Innovation will keep you ahead of competitors. It can also make or break your future. Leave nothing to chance, use our Tech Radar.

Boosting digital innovation with tech radar

At Harborn we are at the forefront of digital transformation and technological innovation. On the one hand because we get over-excited about discovering new and surprising innovations that we can implement in different projects (when the time is right of course). On the other hand, because we believe that innovation can make or break your future (again, when the time is right).

Our way of working
As early adopters we are continuously on the lookout for new innovations our clients can benefit from, in a responsible way. Because just diving into any new innovation is not the way to go, if you ask us. Therefore we use the Tech Radar methodology to indicate the feasibility of each new technology that comes on to our radar, based on four stages:

Stage 1: Hold
Hold means that we keep an eye on this particular technology on our tech radar, but don’t consider it mature enough for experimentation, let alone application in our projects. We wait it out…

Stage 2: Assess
In the second stage on our tech radar, the technology might be mature enough – at least for experimenting with in hackathons, lab days or prototypes. Maybe we could even apply it in non-critical parts of a project.

Stage 3: Trial
As we become more familiar with a technology as it matures further, it is ready to be implemented in any project, as long as the team is aware that it is a new technology and that it comes with a bit of a risk. Therefore we always limit the amount of ‘trial stage technology’ in a project.

Stage 4: Adopt
Finally a technology may be promoted to the adopt stage on the tech radar. Now it’s no longer considered an emerging technology and is therefore safe to implement in any project.

Currently, over 70 technologies are on our tech radar. Many of them have already moved through one or more stages, or have been implemented in many different projects. Great examples of technologies that are on the tech radar are Serverless Architectures, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Blockchain and Computer Vision.


Curious what emerging technology could fit your business challenge?

The possibilities are endless, but not every new technology is ready to be implemented yet or is the right answer to your question. To know for sure, please contact Harm-Jan and he will dive right into it, inspiring you with innovations that can truly bring your specific business to the next level.

+316 4126 4306harmjan.roskam@harborn.com