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With more than 20 years of experience and over 100 design sprints under our belt, this is the daddy of all the tools in the Garage. It’s especially designed for answering those critical business questions that have the biggest impact on operations, business strategy, customer experience or product optimizations – at every possible level. The design sprint takes up to 5 days, in a group of 4 to 9 experts from our team and yours (always including an objective facilitator, product owner and UX-designer).

So what is it that we’re going to do in 5 days?

  • Day 1: First up: really (and when we say really, we mean REALLY) understanding the question, the problem, the target audience and their user journeys. On this first day it’s forbidden to think in terms of solutions.
  • Day 2: Now it’s time to come up with solutions. In a structured, time-framed manner of course. By the end of the day you might feel overwhelmed… you came for one solution and now you’ve got 200 relevant ideas!
  • Day 3: That’s why day 3 is all about making decisions. Which idea is the winner?
  • Day 4: Let’s turn the winner into a prototype, ready for user testing.
  • Day 5: Today we validate the prototype with the end user to see if it works.

At the end of a design sprint you’ll get a full report, and your team will be all fired-up to get started with the outcome of the design sprint. We promise.

Yes, it’s a lot. You will be exhausted after each day, while feeling unbeatable at the same time. Believe us when we say that getting ahead of the game requires determination but it’s also so. damn. rewarding.

I need a design sprint!

Whiteboard met een voorbeeld van een geschetste roadmap

Ready to turn your business challenges into opportunities?

Great! We can’t wait to hear from you. That’s why you can call us, or send us a message via email or WhatsApp, whatever fits your busy schedule. Either way, we will get back to you to listen to your business challenge and advise you on the session(s) that fits your needs best. Because we believe we have to truly understand your questions in order to determine how to get the right results as fast as possible.

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