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A Focus Sprint focuses (as the name suggests) on a very specific challenge that you can crack within one day. For example: getting a project back on track, sharpening your goals or “just” inspiring your team.

How we do this? Through a clever combination of collaboration and proven exercises in a pressure cooker environment.

Your team will get to work, under the guidance of our experienced facilitators and the right digital professionals. And that in just one day, based on the Design Thinking mindset. The Focus Sprint has been shaped by years of experience in innovation. It is inspired by the Design Sprint and fits seamlessly into an agile way of working.

At the end of the Focus Sprint, you get a full report of the session that includes a clear “to-do list”. In addition, the sprint boosts team spirit, which is also important.

Our expertise

At Harborn, we have already facilitated more than 100 Focus Sprints. In our view, this is the process to test a new idea with a team of specialists. That can be to set goals, plot a roadmap, get to the bottom of a problem or to bring focus to a process.

Our facilitators operate completely independently under the flag of The Next Lab. Why do they operate independently? Because as a facilitator, you stay away from the content and thus give all participants the space to contribute based on their knowledge and expertise, without worrying about the process. That even applies to a project manager! And, an external view provides neutrality, which benefits the outcome.

Plan of action

During an in-depth interview, we will discover with you what the challenge is. We analyse the problem, set the goal, determine the setting and put together the ultimate team of specialists to run the Focus Sprint. These specialists mainly come from your own target group, and we complement them with our experts. The duration of the workshop depends on the exact agenda but will be approximately one day.


We offer the focus day for €2,950, ex VAT, including:

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Whiteboard met een voorbeeld van een geschetste roadmap

Ready to turn your business challenges into opportunities?

Great! We can’t wait to hear from you. That’s why you can call us, or send us a message via email or WhatsApp, whatever fits your busy schedule. Either way, we will get back to you to listen to your business challenge and advise you on the session(s) that fits your needs best. Because we believe we have to truly understand your questions in order to determine how to get the right results as fast as possible.

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