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Initiating a Hackathon is not all fun and games. It’s an important tool to get to the best solution possible for your business question or challenge within 24 hours. And yes, it’s also a lot of fun, we can’t deny it. Especially when you combine the bright minds from your team and ours as well as inviting real users to join the process. Divided into multiple teams, everyone is focused on getting the best possible outcome, including a working proof of concept. That’s a lot in 48 hours, pushing you to make quick decisions and go for results that stick and contribute to your business strategy. After the hackathon all teams present their ideas, and a professional judge gives their verdict. In the 3 weeks after that, we test all solutions with real users to make sure that the best one is crowned the winner (for your users and your company).

Let’s hack!

Whiteboard met een voorbeeld van een geschetste roadmap

Ready to turn your business challenges into opportunities?

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