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Corporate website with an investment platform




Blauwhoed is a property developer in Rotterdam, focused on making a provable contribution to the well-being of residents.

They do this by not trying to do everything themselves. Rather, consciously working with others. With clients, experts, local residents and future residents.

The challenge they presented to us: convey their beautiful brand and Blauwhoed's vision effectively by means of a website, which displays content appropriately on every device. Along with an investment platform, to give the vision of cooperation an extra boost.

Users experience our passion, expertise and guts and get moving, because we have developed a platform that convinces. To move forward surprisingly with Blauwhoed.


A website that performs perfectly on every device. Using a professional look and feel, a clear focus on knowledge sharing, through the themes of connecting, collaborating and well-being.

This is reflected in the many meaningful blog articles under the menu item "Knowledge". In the clearly designed and well-described projects and in the inspiring stories about collaboration, under the menu item "Together".

The technical optimisation of the website for SEO and the large amount of content also contribute to Blauwhoed's visibility on the web.

The specially developed investment platform, including an interactive timeline and two-factor authentication, ensures that the website perfectly and securely portrays and supports the level of cooperation in Blauwhoed's projects.

A clear focus on connecting, collaborating and well-being through content and functionality.


  • Prismic
  • Angular
  • Easyadmin
  • Symfony
  • Angular
  • 2FA


  • RauwCC
Illustratie van een wijk.


  • Responsive website
  • Headless CMS with server-side rendering
  • 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  • Dedicated investment platform
  • HubSpot connection
  • Service contract with hosting via AWS
Website van Blauwhoed.

What the client says…

“After an intensive and successful design sprint, Harborn built a two-part platform for Blauwhoed. Fully tailored to our wishes, with a stylish design. Both platforms are very accessible to our target groups. The corporate platform is appealing to our partners. The investment platform with MijnOmgeving is easy to use for investors.”

Karlijn van Gageldonk - Content Manager, Blauwhoed

Mobiele telefoon met de website van Blauwhoed.
Drie mensen op een bouwplaats.


A fast and flexible website with Headless CMS, aligned with the marketing communication plan and vision of Blauwhoed. The website has a clear focus on industry-leading knowledge sharing, and a professional approach to collaboration and welfare. This is clearly visible through the many contact options and the open communication.

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