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All the information about sustainability in one place

Municipality of Rotterdam

Municipality of Rotterdam


The Municipality of Rotterdam attaches great importance to the theme of sustainability. The municipality's ambition is to be a natural gas-free city by 2050 and there are all kinds of subsidies available for residents and entrepreneurs to make this happen. However, finding the right information about these initiatives proved to be a challenge. Both for residents and the companies and institutions that have established themselves in the Rotterdam area.

Over the years, Harborn has built a good relationship with both the Municipality of Rotterdam and Leene Communication. We were commissioned by these parties to build a new website, where all the information can be found in an intuitive way for every visitor.


We built a new website called Sustainability 010, to present all the information on sustainability in one place. We used the open-source content management system (CMS) WordPress, for the realisation. WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide, because it’s very user-friendly for relatively simple, content-driven websites. The CMS also provides tools to make the website search engine easy to use. For Sustainability 010, we chose to build a custom template rather than using an existing one.

The new website needed to provide residents and entrepreneurs with the right information on how they can live and work more sustainably. In addition, the website had to inform them about the (financial) support they can receive. Lastly, the website should counteract the proliferation of websites in the field of sustainability, by offering a more comprehensive and clearer alternative.

The website has achieved a score of AA for accessibility.


  • WordPress CMS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • VueJS


  • Siteimprove
  • Leene Communicatie


Dak vol met zonnepanelen en de skyline van Rotterdam.

Audience Information

The user can choose to which target group he/she belongs on the website. After this, the content is tailored to the selected target group.

Website van de Gemeente Rotterdam op een mobiele telefoon.

Grant information

On this site, residents and entrepreneurs can find subsidy information within 9 segments:

  • Natural gas free
  • Building and renovating
  • Energy saving
  • Green and rainwater
  • The Energy Transition Fund
  • Isolate
  • Mobility
  • Monuments
  • Solar panels
Website van de Gemeente Rotterdam op een mobiele telefoon.
Website elementen van de Gemeente Rotterdam.


The result is a beautiful website that gives you, as a visitor, the feeling that you can find exactly the information you’re looking for. The website is built using the corporate identity of the Municipality of Rotterdam. It’s common knowledge that WordPress websites score less well when it comes to security. That’s why we’re so proud that the measures we took have resulted in a website that passed the strict pen test of the Municipality of Rotterdam, with flying colours. The same applies to the user test by Bureau Blauw. We achieved these excellent scores by, among other things, applying two-factor authentication as an extra security measure.

The website is also accessible to people with disabilities. The Municipality of Rotterdam strictly adheres to European guidelines in this area. These guidelines stipulate that government bodies must achieve at least an AA rating. We’re proud to share that Sustainability 010 has achieved a score of AA. The result of a great collaboration between our developers, our user experience designers and a panel of end users.

Sustainability 010 is an accessible website where Rotterdam residents and entrepreneurs can find all information in the area of sustainability quickly, clearly and safely. We’re looking forward to our next collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam.

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