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A renewed online strategy puts accountant Finnerz in the spotlight




For this case study, we spoke to our client Nico Langendoen. Nico identified that just 10% of Dutch entrepreneurs have direct access to the financial data of their company. He believed that a change was needed. By implementing intelligent software and artificial intelligence, he was able to handle accounting much more efficiently than others. As a result, his company Finnerz began to grow rapidly. The company now has a 50% annual growth rate, a substantial team, and a co-director, Mark Schepers.

Nico initiated his business as a bootstrapped startup. "Perhaps it's due to my Zeelandic background – earning money before spending it!" Initially, he created a concise one-pager online and occasionally shared content on his social media platforms himself. However, with the company now serving over 600 clients and actively seeking new employees, this approach is no longer adequate. Therefore, he engaged the services of Harborn to formulate a new online strategy. "A team with expertise in the field, both for the website and all of Finnerz's social media," as mentioned by Nico.

The problem:

Fast growing accountancy firm Finnerz was in need of a renewed, multi-faceted online strategy.

The solution:

A content plan including LinkedIn management, website redesign and creation of website content which all contributes to Finnerz's organic visibility and employer branding.

A renewed online strategy puts accountant Finnerz in the spotlight

Finnerz positions itself as 'the smartest accountant in the Netherlands.' A robust online presence based on thought leadership is crucial, given the significant competition in this market. Harborn's marketing team conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand the market in which Finnerz operates and to identify its unique selling points in comparison to its (online) competitors. This information was instrumental in developing a multi-faceted online strategy.

In addition to our own analysis, we organized strategic sessions with Finnerz at Harborn's Garage. Nico shared his insights on this: "For an entrepreneur, taking a clear position can be challenging. Harborn effectively guided us during these sessions in defining our core values. We also created detailed buyer personas for our target audience, which proved to be exceptionally valuable." The acquired knowledge from these sessions served as a solid foundation for the marketing strategy and also inspired our designer in crafting the new website for Finnerz.

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Content strategy at Finnerz kicks off on LinkedIn

As the starting point for the new content plan, we've opted for the professional networking platform LinkedIn. The LinkedIn page of Finnerz is now regularly filled by the Harborn team. We create a mix of informative and personal posts with the aim of establishing authority and showcasing the people behind Finnerz. The latter point, in particular, is crucial for cultivating a stronger emotional connection with the brand for potential employees – in essence, this is employer branding.

Nico is enthusiastic about the chosen direction for finding new team members. "Gradually, we're seeing people reaching out to us because they've come across content online and want to discuss potential opportunities with us. This saves time and recruitment costs!"

Every quarter, we review the new content planning. Thanks to the useful tool Planable, Finnerz precisely knows what content to expect and what requires approval. This results in a swift and efficient workflow.

Example of LinkedIn page Finnerz on a laptop

Innovating Tech: AI-generated design inspiration

As part of the digital customer journey, a renewal of the website naturally came into focus. The existing website had been in use for almost five years and no longer met all the requirements. Harborn is often inspired by the use of various AI tools during projects. For the website layout of Finnerz, the team utilized Midjourney – a tool for generating AI-designed layouts and images. Predetermined guidelines were combined with specific layouts, resulting in various styles and images. These AI-generated designs and illustrations served as an ideal source of inspiration for the final design.

To enrich the new pages on the Finnerz website, Harborn's marketing team was enlisted to gather case studies. Our team reached out to Finnerz customers, conducted interviews, and then edited them into cases. Of course, we employed smart solutions, such as a custom speech-to-text AI developed by our own data engineers using an OpenAI model. This allowed our team to focus our time on conveying the message effectively. And with success – the first published case already generated 5 new leads!

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From one-pager to a structured WordPress website

The original Finnerz website was a limited one-pager, which did not support optimal conveyance of their message. By transitioning to a more comprehensive WordPress website, we improved the user experience and optimized the structure, hierarchy, and search engine visibility. This was achieved by adding more content focused on relevant keywords and by collecting backlinks.

Additionally, Harborn introduced a rate calculator tool. This tool allows website users to quickly estimate their potential monthly costs, reducing the barrier to contact. The tool anonymously tracks each user-selected option (with permission), providing valuable insights for Finnerz about which services are in high demand. This informs further strategic decisions and research.

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The result

The new online strategy has given the Finnerz brand a boost. This is reflected in the increased number of quote requests and job applicants. Website visitors now experience a modern look and feel and are naturally guided through the website to conversion points. With the new digital strategy, Finnerz has significantly improved its organic visibility. Additionally, user interaction with the brand on LinkedIn has been enhanced. By using templates in the same style as the website, users also experience the Finnerz brand as intended. Nico commented, "It greatly contributes to the professionalism and continuity of our company. Together, we are making accounting accessible to everyone!"

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Optimizing your digital customer journey?

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