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An e-commerce platform with design in the lead role



An e-commerce platform with design in the lead role



Kinfill is a new sustainable brand with a collection of refillable cleaning and care products. Their stylish Modern Care line has positioned them as a distinctive young company that’s quickly conquering the market. In addition to the physical presence of their products in stores, their online sales are an unmissable part of their distinctive approach. Just like the brand itself, the leading role is reserved for clean design. But, at the same time, absolutely nothing should be lacking on the technical front. The new e-commerce platform must be intuitive, designed for growth, internationally compatible with a large number of payment systems and the user flow must be absolutely clear. Harborn worked closely with Kinfill to unite both worlds... and boy, did we succeed!

Design-driven approach

Anyone who has visited the site will see it immediately: design is key at Kinfill. This was also clear in the first focus sprints, which Harborn carried out to learn three things. What the starting point should be, what the client’s wishes were and what solution they wanted to work towards together. Kinfill knew how to make decisions quickly and had a clear idea of the result they had in mind. Based on that, the Harborn team looked for the right solution. We pitched the approach for the new webshop, proving that there was no need to compromise on the design. The owner of Kinfill, Reda, also shared his creative vision. He played an important role in the collaboration, especially within our hybrid design team.

However, it wasn't just about conveying a luxurious look; the technical design required the development team to really give their all. The focus was on finding the optimal solution for Kinfill. It had to be perfectly suited to their needs, so that they could later take the reins, and manage the design completely in their own way.

Technology & partnerships

  • Storyblok
  • Vue Storefront
  • Sylius
  • Mollie


Kinfill spraybottles

From WordPress to Storyblok

Kinfill's old website was built using WordPress as the content management system. However, it required numerous plugins to meet their requirements, which resulted in a slow management environment. The speed of the website itself also needed a boost. Harborn conducted in-depth research into the possibilities. How to give Kinfill more freedom in the layout of the website, while ensuring the best possible performance. To achieve this, an e-commerce platform was chosen and built, using Storyblok and Sylius. A third tool, Vue Storefront, is the “director” that links these two components together. Enabling Kinfill to implement certain customised solutions more quickly and use out-of-the-box configuration. And easily add new payment methods. Moreover, it’s possible to link this to various international systems and marketing automation tools. Giving Kinfill all the freedom they need to make adjustments and be completely ready for the future!

Laptop, tablet and phone with Kinfill website

UX in the foreground

While all the love was given to the good looks of the website, the user experience also required attention. Especially when “clean” is the starting point. Kinfill wanted to strike the right chord with the tone and guide the visitor through the site in an intuitive manner. Inspiration and storytelling were discussed extensively, and together we ensured that UX also played a prominent role. To really connect with Kinfill's intended customer. The ease of use was thus increased, always with clear insights into the order, easy login and registration, as well as clear functionalities on the product pages.

Tablet and phone with Kinfill website
A hand holding two Kinfill bottles

Extra focus sprint on subscriptions

We created another cool feature on the platform, to offer the end user even more: a custom-built subscription environment. Kinfill now enables users to personalise their product, with a minimum of four scents per cleaning product. We worked out the functionality of the subscription in an additional focus sprint. This was particularly important, to unburden the Kinfill customer. In a few simple steps, they will always have their favourite fragrance at home and on time. With a subscription, a refill arrives automatically, on the doormat every eight weeks! Want to stop? That can be arranged too, in just a few clicks. We developed the environment in such a way that it is easy to adjust the subscription to perfectly fit each customer’s wishes.

Super fresh look and feel

The site was delivered in just ten weeks, Kinfill then completed the brand experience by placing their own inspiring images and videos. As an international brand, different language versions couldn’t be left out. After the English version, a Dutch, French and German webshop soon followed. The result was impressive: a very stable website, not only perfectly linked to the order picker and payment systems, but also, shining like your house after a fresh spring clean!

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Also need a growth-proof solution?

Does this case make you want to seriously take things in hand? Harborn helps your company with what matters to you. Whether it’s e-commerce, an online portal or a mobile app, we get to the heart of the matter. Using, for example, focus sprints, we build solutions together with your team. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Ferdinando now! He’s the project lead of this case.

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