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From a headless CMS to a content-driven WordPress




WordPress is popular with good reason: it’s a widely supported CMS, that is continuously maintained and developed, offering extremely versatile customisation possibilities. However, at the same time, people often associate WordPress with fairly standard websites that can be built with little expertise. This case proves otherwise. LINKIT enlisted the help of Harborn’s Digital Marketing Team to completely migrate their website, built with a headless CMS to WordPress. LINKIT's goal? Enable their marketers to avoid the need to engage with developers for every new type of content, allowing content to be shared more quickly and easily in the desired manner.


The limited user-friendliness of the LINKIT website's headless CMS.


We engineered a fully functional WordPress website which allows the entire LINKIT team to manage and publish content more easily.

Example LINKIT website on laptop

Why WordPress?

Like many companies, LINKIT had its doubts about WordPress. After all, it wasn't that the previous headless CMS was inadequate; it simply demanded a relatively substantial investment of time and money to meet the needs of the in-house marketing team. LINKIT must be able to maintain a rapid and continuous presence in the market, addressing the requirements of both customers and potential prospects. The website, as with many companies, is the business card where LINKIT shows what they do, how they do it and what knowledge they have in house. The website is therefore full of specialised IT issues and cases that illustrate the areas where LINKIT's specialists excel. Additionally, there is a wealth of information about working at LINKIT, job openings, and internal training opportunities. However, LINKIT's content marketers have their own preferences for displaying the content they share. And that's precisely where the friction occurred: in a headless CMS, a new display must be built for new page types or functionalities, requiring a developer's involvement. In WordPress, ready-to-go building blocks, plugins, or quick fixes are readily available.

Harborn has extensive experience with WordPress, giving them an ever-expanding arsenal of custom-built solutions that can be quickly adapted to a client's needs. Whether that's an international IT partner or a small SME. Another factor for LINKIT was that many people in its in-house marketing team have experience with WordPress. That makes it easy, accessible and workable for everyone in the company to share content, cases and knowledge, including newcomers. The purpose of the website is entirely in line with their philosophy: knowledge transfer is key!

Mockup LINKIT website on phone

Content first

A content-driven website, in other words, a website where the content is leading, that is truly a task for Harborn's Digital Marketing Team. While Harborn builds mission-critical applications, customer portals, apps, and other complex IT solutions, they are not limited to only large and intricate IT projects. For example, building a WordPress website is technically less complicated, but it is essential to think strategically to get the most out of it. For instance, so that content can be shared easily, in a way that suits your business. In the case of LINKIT, this involves configuring it for maximum flexibility, ensuring robust security, and optimising its performance.

The majority of companies use a website primarily to showcase themselves. Good content, communicated effectively, helps with this. In addition, with the right marketing tools (which again can easily be linked to WordPress), you can quickly gain insights into what visitors are clicking on and interested in. This allows you to optimise your content and focus on increasing conversions.

Example LINKIT website on phone

Working together for a fresh result

LINKIT asked Harborn to migrate the website, because of capacity constraints and the desire for a fresh look. And, because LINKIT knows how such processes go, they provided a very clear briefing. One of the biggest challenges in migrating the website one-to-one was the system for managing job vacancies. This involved an external tool, which required a small amount of customisation. The rest of the website could be taken over by Harborn, including the modifications LINKIT had made to the previous website. They have no regrets about switching from headless to “fixed”, on the contrary: less technical issues, such as SEO optimisation, for example, can now be handled more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the look and feel are entirely unique, the fact that it's a WordPress website is only apparent in the source code.

Filling the website took place on location at Harborn, so that any questions regarding the use of the CMS or built-in blocks could be answered immediately. The website is now rock-solid, and LINKIT's marketing team is highly satisfied. They can now easily support the sales department and no longer require a technician for their killer content!

"LINKIT's marketing team is highly satisfied. They can now easily support the sales department and no longer require a technician for their killer content!"

Looking for a content-driven website?

Harborn's Digital Marketing team will gladly advise you. Together, we can determine the most suitable solution for your business, so that you can effectively showcase your company. Tim, the team lead for this case, can tell you all about it!

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