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Volunteer work on-the-go, with the 'Do 040' app

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Eindhoven Doet (Eindhoven Does) is active in advising, facilitating and supporting organisations that work with volunteers. By bringing supply and demand together, they strengthen the commitment to voluntary work in Eindhoven. In doing so, they would like to make better use of the contribution from the younger target group. For them, volunteering is something that has to fit into their way of life. It has to be flexible, applied to what they like or excel in. Moreover, the match between vacancy and volunteer must be easy to make. Facilitating this match was therefore the basis of the challenge for the Harborn team, who developed an easily accessible mobile app, “Do 040” for attractive voluntary work.


  • Android app (Kotlin)
  • iOS app (Swift)
  • Bitrise CI/CD
  • Firebase Authentication
  • PHP / Symfony back-end
Man met mobiel in zijn hand. Op het scherm staat: Filteren/voorkeuren.

In sprints to the simplest interface

At Harborn we work with design sprints. So too, in the case of Eindhoven Doet, where we started by determining the functionalities of the new mobile app we were going to build. In the first sprint, the entire concept was set up, with the focus very much on user flow. The most important thing was to keep the barrier to volunteering as low as possible. Only the most necessary questions, buttons and functions would be included. This was the only way to develop a lean, clean and flexible mobile app, with a dynamic interface.

Mobiele telefoon met op het scherm: Met welke sector ga jij het liefst aan de slag?

A visual match for fast connections

To make the onboarding process as fast as possible, the registration was reduced to the basics: how often and when do you want to volunteer? What kind of work suits you? And what is the target group you would like to work with? Choices are briefly worded and visually supported, for an effortless flow to the volunteer vacancies.

We also looked for these quick triggers in matchmaking: the user is treated to attractive images, with short headings and an option for more information. Does the vacancy appeal to you? All it takes is a swipe to the right to add it to your collection!

Mobiele telefoon met de tekst: Vrijwilliger met woordenschat op woensdagmiddag.

Swipe, inform and get started!

Thanks to the easy way of matchmaking, anyone who wants to volunteer can get started in no time. After swiping to the right, the vacancy appears in your account. You can read more information about the vacancy and contact the organisation directly. That’s how the app meets the needs of the target group, for whom flexibility is essential. The app makes doing voluntary work more fun, easier and without obligation.

For Eindhoven Doet, the mobile app is a handy tool, that offers opportunities to better support voluntary organisations. They can adjust organisations, in order to promote a suitable match. In turn, the voluntary organisations are closer to the target audience. They have a better chance of filling their vacancies, because the app directly addresses the preferences of the potential volunteer. That’s how the app creates a strong attraction!

Man die een mobiel voor zijn gezicht houdt. Op het scherm staat: KIDS woordenschat op donderdagmiddag.

Connecting smartly for the volunteer work of the future

Connection is the key word. Not only in the matches, but also in the process and promotion of the app. “Do 040” was launched on International Volunteer Day, with DJ La Fuente as the first user and promoter. That’s how the app, available on iOS and Android, became known by the target audience. The ease of the app and doing voluntary work where and when you wanted, ensured positive reactions. In the next version, the app will be expanded, with functions that further leverage and enhance the power of mobile. Like notifications indicating that you’re near a volunteer organisation. A calendar function, indicating free hours in the future, is also on the wish list. The app is built for a large number of users and has the potential to connect organisations and volunteers in other locations too. The app, just like the cooperation between Eindhoven Doet and Harborn, is completely futureproof!

Een mobiele telefoon. Op het scherm staat een vacaturetekst: Vrijwilliger Woordenschat op woensdagmiddag.
Een groepje kinderen die aan het knutselen zijn met dingen uit de natuur.

The numbers at a glance

Since the launch, 800 people have downloaded the app and responded to one of the 870 vacancies submitted by organisations. At the time of writing, there have been over 6,500 click-throughs to an information page. When contact is made, that’s between the user and the organisation. What is certain, there are 467 active vacancies and total of around 560 unique vacancies have been viewed.

total vacancies
clicks to detail page
active vacancies

Would you like a beautiful mobile app?

Looking for the right people to build your app? You’ve found them! And if you have any questions about this particular case, please feel free to contact Harm Jan, the project lead.

+316 4126 4306harmjan.roskam@harborn.com