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Successful collaboration between tech and fintech, resulting in a beautiful website

VI Company

VI Company

Successful collaboration between tech and fintech, resulting in a beautiful website

VI Company


Building a website for a fintech company that has more than enough knowledge to build it themselves? Then you have to come from a very good background… The Harborn team successfully built a new website for VI Company, in line with their branding and the feeling they want to convey as a company, both towards prospects and potential employees. A website that had to meet all the technical requirements, while also being easy to work with. So that VI Company can more easily share insights and cases, and that it’s clear to visitors at a glance what kind of company they are dealing with. Trust has to be earned and that is something both VI Company and Harborn are aware of.


  • Nuxt (VueJS)
  • Static Site Generation
  • Headless CMS
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • Automated Testing

Speaking the same language

There was already a new corporate identity in print, presentations, and on social media, but they was still one major item missing: a new website. VI Company itself develops applications in the fintech sector, so building a website was something they could have done perfectly well in-house. The fact that they, nevertheless, decided to choose Harborn was due to several factors. One of which was VI Company's total focus on their own clients, who are given priority over internal projects. A second was the fact that VI Company and Harborn got along very well. After all, despite a different customer base, they speak the same language. Since VI Company had always built its own website in the past, Harborn was not immediately given carte blanche for the entire assignment. This made it all the more important to understand where VI Company wanted to go in terms of strategy, to strike the right chord in translating that.

Man in front of a computer

Design for development

After the introduction, the task was divided into clear steps. Step one? The focus on design, in other words: how do we show potential colleagues and niche customers who VI Company is? How do we make it clear that they offer both software development and consultancy services? And how do we choose a logical structure where diverse information can be displayed appropriately? The Harborn team first worked on the design. This was followed by feedback from various stakeholders, and after processing that, the design was tested on users. Only when all the stakeholders were behind it, and it was clear that the design met what VI Company had in mind, did Harborn get the final green light for the full development of the website. Both parties kept communication open, giving Harborn space and VI Company a say in the development, by providing feedback and asking the tough questions.

Four men sitting next to each other

Statically generated with a Headless CMS

As a solution, The Harborn team opted for a Headless CMS with a statically generated front-end. Whereas normally, a site only builds up as you use it, in the case of VI Company, the website is generated statically in advance, contributing to the site’s speed and security. The use of a separate front-end also provides a lot of freedom in the design. Thanks to the customisation applied to the front-end, the site looks exactly as it was conceived in the design phase. The underlying CMS is also well put together: the website is set up in such a way that everything VI Company wants to manage can be managed. Posting a new article or job vacancy has become a piece of cake for the relevant departments. Finally, the website fully complies with all security requirements, extremely important, particularly in the fintech industry. Contributing significantly to the impression VI Company leaves on its online visitors.

Laptop with VI company website

A business card to be proud of

The result is a rich website, where each part has its own look, without losing cohesion. A final addition, and also a good example of the close collaboration, is the ticker tape with stock data, which is displayed prominently on the homepage. Using data collection by VI Company, implemented by Harborn. This tape appears in a different form on the careers page. There, it shows with keywords that makes working at VI Company so much fun, which is again confirmed by the cheerful employee photos below. It is the details that provide exactly the balance VI Company was looking for: a friendly and open look, without detracting from the more serious matter of the company's knowledge and expertise. A business card that everyone involved can be proud of.

Laptop with VI company website sideview

Want to put your company on the digital map too?

At Harborn, we always look for the right balance between technology and appearance, and between administrator and user. Only then can we build websites and applications that really suit your organisation. Do you have any questions about this case? Or would you like to know what we can do for you? Please contact Robert, project lead on this case.

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