From Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur - #2 Robbert Rutgrink and Santos Bikes


16 January 2023
9 min read

"From love for mountainbiking to successful bike builder”

Two people standing in nature with their mountainbikes.

Entrepreneurship lesson #1. The right way is different for everyone, but sometimes a certain way turns out to be the right way for many people.

Persoon naast fiets op zanderige ondergrond.

Entrepreneurship lesson #2. Always keep asking yourself the why question.

Entrepreneurship lesson #3. Work with companies that understand you.

Persoon fietsend door hoog gras, met een grote boom op de achtergrond.

Entrepreneurship lesson #4. If you give, you can also take.

Entrepreneurship lesson #5. If it doesn't make you happier, don't do it.



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