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The Future of Productivity: How NLP Tools Are Changing the Game



Date  26 January 2023
5 min read
by Bas Bollaart

The Importance of Productivity in Today's World

In today's fast-paced world, productivity is crucial for personal and professional success. With the speed at which technology continues to evolve, more and more tools that can help you manage your time more efficiently are emerging on the market. These tools also offer you creative solutions to complex problems. As a data scientist at Harborn, these tools and techniques have already become indispensable to perform my job efficiently and effectively.

In this article, I like to take you through a behind-the-scenes look at how text generation tools actually work. I also introduce my favorite productivity tools that use advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, such as ChatGPT and GPT-3, to help users stay organized. Finally, we zoom in on the impact of these tools and techniques, will my job still exist in 2 years?

Introducing ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT language model created by OpenAI, it is particularly designed for generating human-like text for chatbot applications. ChatGPT generates coherent and contextually appropriate text, making it possible to reduce the time and effort required to develop and maintain a chatbot. Instead of designing and coding responses to a wide range of potential user inputs, ChatGPT generates appropriate responses on the fly. Allowing developers to focus on other tasks like integrating the chatbot into their application or improving the user experience.

It remembers previous exchanges in the conversation, which makes it possible to generate more relevant responses, help to maintain continuity and provide more personalized responses to users.

How ChatGPT and GPT-3 Work: An Inside Look at Text Generation Models

How do these Generative Pre-trained Transformer models work? Essentially, these are models trained on massive amounts of text data. For instance, GPT-3 is trained on 45 terabytes of text data, which equates to an enormous 75 billion (!!!) parameters. This is a staggering amount of text; it would take a human (at an average speed of 150 to 250 words per minute) over 71,000 years to read through it all without taking any breaks. When a context is provided to GPT-3, it uses this information to predict the next set of words. Context-aware AI models have been around for a while, but what sets models like GPT-3 and Chatgpt apart is the length of the context they are able to take into account. As a result, these models have the potential to generate long-form content. They could even write a novel!.

As these models have been available for a while now, their practical applications are becoming more apparent. However, it's worth noting that most of these models are optimized for the English language. Therefore, the quality of other languages such as Dutch is not as good.

Innovative Applications of NLP: Wordtune, Copy.ai, and Github Co-pilot

ChatGPT may be hot and happening, but it’s by far not the only tool available. More specified ones may be able to help you even better. Let me introduce you to some tools that have helped me greatly in fast-tracking my day to day work.

The tool Wordtune utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze text and suggest alternative sentence structures while maintaining the same meaning. By inserting a sentence into Wordtune, it returns numerous sentences with similar semantics, but different structures, providing users with a range of options to choose from. This allows non-native speakers to improve their written communication and express themselves more effectively in English.

Second, Copy.ai is useful for marketers and copywriters. With Copy.ai, you can create marketing texts for your business, by inserting the purpose, and a description of your business. It can write short blog posts, Google ads, and a variety of other marketing materials.

Additionally, Copy.ai can also help with SEO optimization by suggesting keywords and phrases to include in your copy to improve search engine rankings. Its advanced language generation capabilities can also assist with personalization, by generating unique, tailored messaging for different target audiences or customer segments. With the ability to generate multiple variations of a single piece of content, Copy.ai can help you save time and resources while still delivering high-quality, engaging marketing materials. This way you can focus on other important tasks and optimize your marketing campaign to better attract potential customers.

Lastly, GitHub Co-pilot offers suggestions that are contextually aware of the project, the language and frameworks you're using. It suggests code snippets, and ways to refactor or optimize the code you are working on. It also has the ability to automatically detect and fix any coding issues, such as syntax errors or logical mistakes, which can save you time and reduce the risk of bugs in your code.

It includes a wide range of integrations, which allows it to work seamlessly with other tools and services that developers use on a daily basis. This includes popular text editors, code review tools, and other development platforms. This can help streamline the workflow and help developers to be more productive.

Overall, GitHub Co-pilot is an effective tool for developers to improve their coding productivity. It can help developers write better code, faster and with fewer errors, and also facilitates collaboration and streamlines the development process.

The Potential Impact of NLP Tools on Businesses and Writing

All these applications of the model are of course really cool, and at the same time scary because of the momentum the technology has, but what is the real impact of this revolution? And, is it really going to replace me? Even though that is obviously up for debate, I believe we should take a closer look at it. Using a different approach to text writing can have amazing implications. This is not about who is able to write English the neatest, or who has the best grammar. In the end, it's all about creativity and subject matter. As a result, all businesses could benefit, and we could return writing to those with in-depth knowledge of their craft.

Building your own custom language model, trained on your train data, can be a great way to achieve unique and specific results, but it can also be a time-consuming, difficult, and costly process. However, with the availability of advanced models like GPT-3, it is now possible to utilize pre-trained models for your own creative applications, which can save a significant amount of time and resources. Harborn, can assist with the development of your application, further simplifying the process and helping you achieve your desired outcome with less effort and expense.

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