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Working serverless: smarter and faster



Date  29 June 2022
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Working in the cloud has become the most natural thing in the world for many companies. For apps and websites, we at Harborn now go a few steps further: we work “serverless”. Working without servers has several advantages. For us, but especially for our customers.

Official Amazon Partner

This summer, the last physical servers literally went out the window. We have been using AWS (Amazon Web Services) since 2010 and it works so well and so reliably that we have now switched over completely. AWS no longer holds any secrets for us, whether it concerns the technology or the frameworks and functionalities that Amazon offers users. We have even become an official Amazon Partner. We no longer have to worry about servers and the associated infrastructure. We can always count on the AWS platform. It offers all the technologies available for cloud computing and mobile applications. The storage and processing power is virtually unlimited.


In addition to the infrastructure, Amazon has developed numerous handy features that we often use. We can apply these “microservices” as building blocks for the websites and apps we create for our clients. Take, for example, authentication: all kinds of ways to log in are available. With a password, via Facebook, or with two- step authentication.


We no longer have to write code for sending notifications and automatic text messages. This saves time for us and time and money for our customer. We can now get straight to work with the real functions and design.

Only pay for what you actually use

At least as important is that AWS works on a pay per use basis: you only pay for what you actually use. So, you don't have to rent or buy resources based on the peaks that a website or app processes. Sometimes these peaks are only a few minutes per day. Why then would you pay for the whole day?

Unlimited growth

The great thing is that you have the certainty in advance that you can absorb peaks. Also the unexpected: your site or app will no longer crash because there are too many users at the same time. You can also benefit from this automatic upscaling (autoscaling) over time. Unlimited growth, without more investment.

First million push notifications are free

Settlement of microservices works similarly. The “AWS Free Tier” means that the first use of the services is free. As an indication: you can send the first million push notifications free of charge. You only pay for larger numbers. How much? 50 cents per million!

Pay with pleasure

Basically, the costs only really begin to count when the app is a success. And if all goes well, the app also makes money. So, you’re happy to pay these variable costs. That makes AWS perfect for start-ups: they can have a new app or website built without major investment. And very quickly find out whether their proposition is indeed as much in demand as they think.

Four main benefits

Working serverless has many more advantages. Which ones depend on the customer and their wishes. These four are the most important:

  1. Pay per use: pay for what you actually use
  2. Autoscaling based on usage
  3. You don’t need to manage your own server and infrastructure
  4. The first tier per used microservice is free. You only have to pay if the app or website is a success

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