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Cloud development

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When it comes to the cloud, we see that its use has increased throughout the years. To us that’s no surprise, as the cloud is perfect for applications composed of integrated technologies, platforms and data-driven solutions. It allows you to work in an agile manner, and in a reliable, secure way that enables you to scale up (and down!). That’s why at Harborn – an AWS Advanced Technology partner – we offer you the right tools for state-of-the-art, cloud based solutions.

Solution architecture

A well-thought-out cloud architecture gives you the possibility to manage your data more efficiently (and smarter), while providing you with endless scaling possibilities. How about that for ‘future-proof’ engineering?

A great example of such a future proof architecture is the data hub we built for CARU Containers. In this data hub, information from various cloud applications is linked and gathered. This way employees, (potential) customers and suppliers of CARU can see all the relevant data in one place: from the orders that are coming in, to cross-sections from containers, or financial data that we continuously upload from another application in (and outside) the cloud. You can imagine that this new smart way of working in the cloud has boosted their efficiency tremendously. And it’s only the beginning.

Serverless development

Serverless architectures allows your application to scale on autopilot in response to demand. As innovation enthusiasts, we develop serverless applications using a wide range of AWS services like Lambda (Python), Step Functions, Aurora, S3, API Gateway and SQS. All cloud services are managed through infrastructure as code and therefore subject to all development principles and processes like version control, DRY, peer reviews, continuous integration and continuous delivery.