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As of February 1, 2022, we will change our name to Harborn Digital and say goodbye to Connect Holland after 23 years. And, we have moved to a new office at 39 Westblaak in Rotterdam. And we don't just do that.

Connect Holland started in 1999. At that time, the digital world still had to be discovered. From that moment on, we dived in as Connect Holland. We started investigating how we can use 'digital' to make products, companies and society better. Always open to new digital developments and intelligent applications. Now that the whole world is connected, we have entered a different phase of the digital age. A world in which data, technology and interaction must be handled in a smart and responsible way. A world in which technology does not stand in our way, but makes our lives better. We have joined this movement. And have reinvented ourselves time and time again. In such a way that the current name and appearance no longer fit our character. That's why our new name: Harborn - digital. And a new visual identity; bold, fresh and fit for the future. We drive digital forward.

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