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Platform for young talented women

Lead Your Future

Lead Your Future


Lead Your Future believes in the power of talented young women. They realised that few platforms existed where these women could network and connect in a reliable, safe and educational way. Exchange tips. Get in touch with role models. And where they could look for suitable internships, companies to graduate from, or go to for an interview after their studies.

That’s why the founders of Lead Your Future were looking for a solution that could be made with, for and by young women. A reliable and innovative hub to network and build their future. A community that revolves around talent and where origin, culture, education or study play no role.

So, how do you build the largest network for young female talent in the Netherlands? Research by companies, governments, schools and of course, the young talented women themselves, showed that they wanted to develop something that takes care of and connects them. To set up something together that did not yet exist: binding, inspiring and sustainable, appropriate to our time.

"How do we perfectly connect female talent with suitable companies?"


Together, with Lead Your Future, we chose to create an online platform where talents can network, discover their strengths and at the same time, get to know interesting people. A fresh and new community.

We were looking for innovative profile forms to showcase the talents. How do we design it differently from a standard CV? How do they quickly gain insights into their own talents? And how do they get in touch with interesting and inspiring role models, who can help them further in their career?

We deliberately chose to keep the target group at the table, so that the solution fitted seamlessly with their needs. Based on that, we built a completely new, fresh and innovative platform. Taking into consideration sustainable development goals and 21st century skills, fulfilled by company, role model and talent. Everybody involved can then find the best people with the same values and connect with each other.

“I personally think that this platform is definitely valuable for me and my peers!” - Maud (22 years old)


  • PHP/Symfony Framework
  • Sulu CMS
  • Easyadmin
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Vrouw met laptop op haar schoot.


  • A talent platform for young talented women
  • Tailor-made management tool
Tablet en mobiel met daarop het talentenplatform voor jonge talentvolle vrouwen.

Talent speaks

Role models as a sounding board, to enrich your own story and talent, to share and learn from each other. What a great idea!

Mobiel met op het scherm het talentenplatform voor jonge vrouwen.
Hoe word je architect: Kim Hooiveld.


Everyone's creativity was put to the test to achieve the current result. The launch of the Lead Your Future platform took place in Amsterdam at the end of January 2020 and ensured that the founders were in talks with various parties to create valuable collaborations. Truly starting with a bang!

On top of that, the social media channels of Lead Your Future are up and running. There are some great events scheduled, to strengthen the connections and get to know each other. Lead Your Future is on track to achieve their mission: to become the largest platform for young female talent!

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