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At Harborn we use our extensive digital experience to create solutions that users love and remember. This means that during the process we make choices based on this experience and also, partly, on assumptions. That’s why it can be very useful to carry out user research before or after creating a prototype of the entire product.

User research prior to the realization: To truly understand what your target audience expects from a product or service, we initiate in-depth interviews with real users. We ask a small group of people a lot of questions, looking for valuable and high-quality insights to help us develop the best possible solutions.

Next to in-depth interviews we also do quantitative research among a bigger population of users via an online survey. We only ask them our 5 most important questions to get a good overview of their wants and needs.

User research after realization: Once a prototype is developed we can initiate a so-called ‘Prototype validation process’ for which we invite 5 users. This can be done on multiple levels, from testing the accessibility and usability of the service/product to checking where people are looking at on your webpage. This way we gain useful CX and UX insights.

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