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Combining our digital expertise with that of our client(s) to create memorable customer experiences, tailored to the users and their needs.

Creating memorable CX experiences

Research shows that over 84% of users find the customer experience to be equally as important as the product or service a company provides. Therefore they expect the very best: seamless digital experiences that are fast and smooth, while looking great and being accessible to all. But why are 70% of online businesses still failing because of a bad customer experience?

Our way of working
Designing the right CX touch points requires a design thinking mindset where the user is at the center but not blindly followed. We challenge, pry, gather data and try to really find out what motivates the user and the market segment we are in. To make sure we hit the right spot, we work closely together with our clients to understand their business and stimulate co-creation. This way we can combine our digital expertise with the expertise of our clients, and create CX experiences that are custom fitted for our users (and don’t exclude anyone!). This means we do not strive for ‘one size fits all’ but for a customer experience that users will remember and return to.

To establish the perfect customer experience we believe in a hands-on approach. This can result in inviting our clients to join our strategy & ideation sessions for a design or focus sprint, amongst others. This can be the starting point before we actually create or optimize the perfect customer experience with a dedicated, multidisciplinary team. After such a sprint, or once we have determined the customer journey together in a previous stage, it’s time to get those CX engines started. This process, from idea to execution, is based on the Double Diamond model, which we are itching to explain to you.


Getting excited about UX design, service design, prototyping or other tools to boost your customer experience efforts?

We get that. We could go on about it for hours, if you’d let us. Especially Robert, who is always up for a challenging UX question. Just contact Robert and he will blow your mind with his knowledge and surprising ideas, we promise.

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