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The Double Diamond methodology

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The first blow is half the battle. That’s why it is important to determine together what the problem and the current situation is as well as the preferred outcome of your business challenge. To make sure we are heading for the stars, we have defined 4 different phases to go through in creating the best possible customer experience.

Phase 1: Discover

In the discovery phase we immerse ourselves in the subject matter and create a dialog with our end users and stakeholders. We research what the nuances are within the market and take a look at how users and competitors behave.

Tools we use: User research sessions, stakeholder interviews and audits

Phase 2: Define

We use the acquired data from the discover phase to get a good understanding of the problem we are going to solve. Together we determine which features provide true value to the user and we pinpoint the problem areas within the customer journey.

Tools we use: Customer journey workshops, empathy maps and personas

Phase 3: Develop

The develop phase is all about coming up with as many ideas and solutions as possible. This input then becomes the fuel to start working towards a concept design. Of course not all ideas are suitable or feasible. That’s why we have to assemble and combine the best ideas, which we implement in a prototype that is testable with users. A great first step towards a digital solution that works.

Tools we use: wireframes, ideation focus sprint and scenarios.

Phase 4: Deliver

During the final phase of our Double Diamond approach we evaluate and implement the digital designs, do the final testing and gather user feedback. This means that our team of UX specialists will build a technically functional and smartly designed prototype of the ultimate CX experience within 72 hours. This will give you not only a tangible way to discover the effectiveness of your ideas, it also answers the question: can we build it?

Tools we use: usability tests, (rapid) prototyping and high-fidelity designs.


Getting excited about UX design, service design, prototyping or other tools to boost your customer experience efforts?

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