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When it comes to the user experience and design of a website, app or any other digital channel many people only think about ‘how it looks’. Of course that’s very important but when it comes to UX design it’s far more about how to guide the user through the digital customer journey and make sure (s)he gets the right information at the right moment. This also includes readability, accessibility and implementation of different innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence or Natural Language Processing. This is an essential part of the entire customer experience.

90% of our projects include UX design. Interaction with the user happens on multiple levels: from handling frozen potato product orders in Lamb Weston/Meijers’ business-minded customer portal, to capturing the most beautiful jewelry of Wiezewasjes in an esthetically pleasing, yet sales-driven web shop, or connecting smart ship-building solutions to specific niche market challenges in the i-Ask app. Three totally different types of business, yet all relying on the power of effective UX design. Do we need to say more?


Getting excited about UX design, service design, prototyping or other tools to boost your customer experience efforts?

We get that. We could go on about it for hours, if you’d let us. Especially Robert, who is always up for a challenging UX question. Just contact Robert and he will blow your mind with his knowledge and surprising ideas, we promise.

+316 8146 4299robert.revet@harborn.com